Even more ideas for riding with kids

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to organize rides that small kids on bikes can do with us. I’m thinking maybe a group ride that just goes around 1st Congo, or maybe just two or three blocks into Cooper-Young from 1st Congo. Maybe we could finish at the beautiful deck on the North end of 1st Congo for some ice cream. Or maybe we could meet up at Rainbow Lake Playground and then ride through the Old Forest? What do you think? Would you bring your bikes and your kids bikes to a ride like this? I have more questions on this topic at the end of this post.

I am also, always, keeping an eye out for ideas of how to tow the kids. Why am I so concerned with this? Because I want all of us to be able to make more short trips by bike. But if the kids are too little to ride their own bikes on the street, than the errand that is only a mile or two away remains un-doable by bike.

Therefore, I was very excited to see this post on Carfree with Kids. This family put together some handouts to compare and contrast lots of options for towing 1 to 4+ kids by bike. They outline the pros and cons and the cost. And something I hadn’t considered. They also look at whether options that latch on to bikes will be compatible with all adult bicycles or only specific ones. You can read the full post to get some background on why they wrote these up. Or you can go straight to the handouts here and here.

And back to the kid-friendly group ride, with kids riding their own bikes.

With your current bicycle set-up, would you be interested in a group ride where the kids ride their own bikes? Some folks in other cities call this kid of ride a Kidical Mass (as opposed to a Critical Mass ride.) I think with kids involved it’s less aggressive than many Critical Mass rides are known for being. I like how this group in Washington D.C. does it. And I like how Kidical Mass Philidelphia writes up their rules.

It makes sense to me that we would plan to take the whole lane when riding together. Mostly because that is the only way I can imagine keeping a bunch of small kids corralled by the adults. And I can’t imagine that explaining to Miss Bean and her 4 and 5-year-old friends that we all have to stay all the way to the right. But do you agree? And, do you prefer a ride in Overton Park, only, or would you be open to riding streets in Cooper-Young? When is the best time? Are you only open to a weekend ride or could we find a weekday morning or evening that a group of us could ride? If we go on a weekday evening, after dinner, I think we won’t get too bitten by mosquitoes as long as we keep moving! What do you think? I’m really looking for your thoughts on this one. Comment here or on Facebook. I may be the only one interested in this. But if you are too, let me know!


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